Client Involvement

Braden Homes Ltd. interacts with its customers on a much more open basis than is standard in the residential construction industry. The plans for the new home are developed in close association with the customer with attention to personal habits, health status, and long term agenda. These requirements are entwined with the topography and orientation of the building lot. The result is a home that blends into the landscape and reflects personal needs. Through this design process the client develops a more intimate understanding of their future home, and some of our customers go as far as assisting with the construction.

The financial arrangement between Braden Homes Ltd. and the customer is also more customer-driven. After house plans have been developed and an idea of potential finishes has been arrived at, a cost estimate is established. Based on this estimate a management fee is determined. This fee is the profit margin for Braden Homes Ltd. There are no other mark ups on the project and any discounts that are realized are passed on to the customer. This arrangement allows for the homeowner to fine tune their home as the project progresses, and the open book policy keeps the client informed as to what expenditures are being incurred.


"We would like to formally thank you for building our dream home and for making the experience a pleasant one. There was no task that you made too great or too small (...) You showed entrepreneurial skills toward environmental issues, something about which most builders appear quite oblivious, and met head-on our need to use toxic-free materials and lumber for health reasons. The big bonus in owning an air-tight home showed up this past winter in the form of low heating bills..."
Jean & Jo Valeriano - Stoney Creek

"(...) We got in touch with Braden Homes because we had seen some houses you had built some years previously, and when you took us around homes more recently built, we were impressed by the quality of the work and the enthusiasm of the owners. Our experience working with you was very pleasant. (...) What was also appreciated was the flexibility you showed us in making suitable design adjustments as we went along, and could see how the house was shaping up. (...) We now have a home which we love. It suits us, and our lifestyle, perfectly. It gives us a good feeling every time we drive in the gates and see it nestled snugly into its surroundings. The workmanship is first class, reflecting the high quality of all of your work, as well as that which you demand from the tradesmen that you bring in."
Malcolm & Frankie Shaw - Flamborough

"The light seems slow to dawn on all of us that energy is only going to get more expensive in the coming decades. Conserving it has many pay-offs. I too am a very satisfied owner of a "Braden Homes" dwelling (...) It is a cozy, comfortable home that is inexpensive to heat and has wonderful foot thick walls that remind me of the century-old stone homesteads. The heavily insulated roof provides amazing insulation in conjunction with an airtight wrapping of the walls. All this, yet custom designed and made for my particular needs and wants."
Lorraine Symmes - Terra Cotta

"Braden Homes built our 5,000 sq ft custom home in 1989. We were very pleased in all aspects with the integrity and workmanship of Nick Dalton and his employees. Because of this we used Braden Homes for a major renovation of our custom home in 2003. And most recently we have used Nick Dalton as a consultant for a cottage we are building which is too far away for Braden Homes to construct, otherwise we would use them. I would highly recommend Braden Homes for any residential custom home building or renovation."
Elyse Chapman - Erin

"Thank you for making our 'Santa Fe' home come true. It was a pleasure to have you and your friendly, hard working crew around. We were also pleased to be part of decisions and daily planning and discussions. 'Learning all the builder terminology kept us on our toes.' (. . .) Yes, it is nice to be in a draft free home at last. We love our home and have had many compliments on your excellent workmanship."
Tony & Glenda Boerkamp - Simcoe

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